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    bottie Guest

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    Hi,... I have an interesting problem here :)<BR>How can I make a check button selected ??? What I want to do is like this... I pull the records from the database, and from that records I can choose which check buttons will be selected....It&#039s design for an update application page.... <BR>The idea is before I update the database records I want to see the old records first. There is no problem in textbox form, but in check button .... I don&#039t know how ?? Any idea... :)<BR>Thanks<BR>best regards,

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    &#060;input type="checkbox" checked&#062;<BR>

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    ramk( Guest

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    Hi<BR>Let us think pbValue contains true or false value returnd from the database <BR><BR>If pbValue Then<BR> tTemp = "&#060;input type=""checkbox"" name="chk1" checked &#062;"<BR> Else<BR> tTemp = "&#060;input type=""checkbox"" name="chk1" &#062;"<BR>End If

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