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    Here is my situation. The user logs onto my site, he then decides he wants to add that current page to his Favorites list. <BR>He then decides he wants to browse another web site in the same browser. When the user goes back to the favorites menu and selects the page that he was logged into, it gets around my login script. I try to kill the session in the global.asa. <BR>But the session stays with the user as long as he keeps the browser open. How would I tell the session if he decides to leave my site?? and not the browser??<BR><BR>the Session_OnEnd never gets triggered when you type in a new address or select a page from the favorites menu. I guess i am trying to see if there is a way for my site to recognoze that the user has gone to another URL? so i can kill that session.<BR><BR>

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    You can use the Request.ServerVariables to see what page he just came from, if he came from some site other than yours, wipe out the session variables and start over with the login script. If he comes from your site, then you&#039;re ok and can keep going.<BR><BR>Read up on ServerVariables here:<BR><BR><BR>Mike

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