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    I have a page using the fileSystemObject list a series of word/excel documents:<BR>the user clicks a document, it opens the document in a new window.<BR><BR>I set the anonymous permissions for the folder with these files to read/write/delete/execute but a user must manually logon with the ADMIN ID in order to save a file back on the server. Is there something else I can do to have the user be able to save directly from their browser?<BR><BR>I have also added (as a test) the ADMIN ID/PSWD into the script ( which should open the page such that it can automatically be saved. But no can do. It still forces manual logon.<BR><BR>Any help?

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    you need a file upload component - try checking out SArtisans or aspUpload components

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    we use Sa-FileUp for uploads - this isn&#039;t actually an upload.<BR><BR>A document can be opened from the web server and saved back to it, the same way one does so locally, the problem is how IIS receives authentication for allowing the server to save the file. I was told (presumably incorrectly) that when one saves a document, Word bounces the transfer to FTP - therefore requiring anonymous FTP access - but this didn&#039;t work either. I think it happens via HTTP.<BR><BR>Thanks anyways<BR>

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