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    Hello, <BR><BR>I have a query that looks like this today:<BR>SELECT brs_banners.*<BR>FROM brs_banners<BR>WHERE (BannerType = @Type) AND ((ShowTimes = NULL) OR<BR> (ShowTimes &#062; Shown)) AND (ClickTimes = NULL OR<BR> ClickTimes &#062; Clicked) AND ((GETDATE() BETWEEN <BR> StartDate AND EndDate) OR<BR> ((StartDate = NULL) AND (EndDate = NULL)))<BR><BR>Since i&#039;m writing here you can understand it dosen&#039;t work. Here is what i want:<BR><BR>If ClickTimes, ShowTimes, StartDay and EndDate is NULL, return record<BR>If ClickTimes is Higher(or equal) than Clicked then return record<BR>If ShowTimes is Higher(or equal) than Shown then return record<BR>If startDate and EndDate are null Or today is between them return record... <BR><BR>What am i doing wrong...

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    okay <BR>IS NULL<BR>not <BR>= NULL

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