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    OK, lousy subject line, but I honestly don&#039;t know what to use as a subject. Here&#039;s the situation:<BR>I&#039;m working on a task list, one of the fields in this Tasks database is Priority, an integer. Now, I need a person to be able to change the priority of a task, which means that they can change it to an existing priority, which in turn means that everything below and including the old priority has to be renumbered (old priority+1). Or, if they move it down the priority list, everything below the old priority has to shift up one.<BR>The only way I can see this working is read all the priorities, and their corresponding autonumber fields, into an array, and start messing with the array itself in vbscript (Perl would probably be much easier in this case).<BR>But, any insights would be greatly welcome.

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    Not done this type of this in ages....<BR>There is in SQL the ability to Update a field for a criteria<BR>So<BR>Update &#060;Table&#062; SET Priority = priority.value+1 where priority &#060; &#060;value&#062;<BR><BR>

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