How to turn off 'On error resume next'

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Thread: How to turn off 'On error resume next'

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    Eirik KjĂžlsrud Guest

    Default How to turn off 'On error resume next'

    Hi.<BR><BR>We&#039;ve been adding customized error handling to an eCommerce sollution by using &#039;On error resume next&#039; and capturing the errors to write our own error messages. Afar as I know, &#039;On error resume next&#039; has the scope of a block, so that if it is turned on in a sub it is only working in that sub. However, we have to include the &#039;On error resume next&#039; statement in the beginning of the page, which means that this works for all the remaining code. Is there a statement we can use to go back to "standard" error handling ?

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    Put the code that requires custom error checking inside a routine, then, when the &#039;Exit&#039; statement occurs, the On Error is stopped.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default On Error Goto 0

    On Error Goto 0 will turn error handling back off again<BR><BR>

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    Eirik Guest

    Default RE: How to turn off 'On error resume next

    Hi, thanks for your response. However, because of the way the page has been designed (perhaps not the best way, but require too much work to redesign) what I&#039;m looking for is a statement to turn off the functionality of &#039;On error resume next&#039; to allow further code to use the standard error handlers. Something like &#039;On error do not resume...&#039; if it excists.<BR><BR>Thanx.<BR><BR>Eirik

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    Eirik Guest

    Default RE: On Error Goto 0

    Brilliant!!<BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>- Eirik

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