I think my question is maybe easy for experts, but as beginner ... I would appreciate if some of you can tell how to do the following. I need specially explanations "step by step" because I don&#039;t know by where starting, with what and how continue ...<BR>I&#039;m woking on setting up a site quite big and I want to use asp to create dynamically alle pages, there no index searching at this time, il will be added later. The server hosts only this site.<BR>So I want to know how to create these asp pages : <BR>the homepage contains a header (top of the page), a menu (left side), a contents part (center + right side), a footer (bottom of the page), so I started by creating this with includes and it&#039;s ok.<BR>Now, the menu has several topics which correspond at the subsites which are the folders on the server ; example : the "topic1" will go to subsite 1 - folder1, "topic2" for the folder2 and so on.<BR>Each folder contain a collection of files and/or subfolders ; example folder1 contains file1, file2, ..., filen and/or subfolder1.1, subfolder1.2, ..., subfolder1.n<BR>So : what have I do for, once you click on "topic1" pages are generated dynamically including in this way the header, the footer and the menu (common for all pages), and then the page (the document we are looking for).<BR>For me, this should be something like (default.asp is the homepage):<BR>www.myserver.xx/default.asp?foldername=folder1&subfoldername=subfo lder1_1&filename=file1_1_1<BR>How have I do this, what are the steps ?<BR>Many thanks in advance for those of you can advise and help me with ideas, practical information or examples illustrating similar work !!!<BR>Alexa