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    Patrik Guest

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    How do I hide the urlquerys ?<BR>I&#039;d like to keep the url nice and clean<BR>so visitors don&#039;t bookmark any strange looking<BR>and mabye not working URL&#039;s.<BR><BR>PLZ help!<BR>Thanx

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    couldent you use a frameset?

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    Patrik Guest

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    I&#039;d like to keep it frameless if it&#039;s possible.

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    Aquarius Guest

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    If you don&#039;t want to use frames, but you don&#039;t want to pass parameters in the URL, then you have to pass them some other way. You could pass them in the Form object, but that means making every link a form post, which is a pain. You could also pass them in the Session, but you need some way of getting them into the session (which might mean posting to a session-variable-setting-ASP with parameters in the URL, which then refreshes to the page you wanted), and that method will break if sessions are not supported (for instance, if your client has cookies turned off).<BR><BR>Aq.<BR>

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