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    Default order or operations

    Can someone tell me what the order or operations in ASP is for VBScript?

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    Default what does ORDER OR mean???

    Do you mean ORDER OF?<BR><BR>And do you really mean order of OPERATIONS?<BR><BR>(The Web Server receives and HTTP request that includes a URL. If the extension on the name of the last part of the path in the URL is an appropriate one, then the Web Server invokes the ASP engine after first...)<BR><BR>Or do you mean ORDER OF OPERATORS. In other words, precedence of operators?<BR><BR>If that&#039;s what you mean, the VBScript reference manual has a table.<BR><BR>Click on "VBScript Reference" in left hand pane of this page. Click on OPERATORS in the list in right pane. Click on any operator (I clicked on "AND"). Scroll to bottom of the page. Click on "Operator Precedence."<BR><BR>But if you really meant "order of how ASP is processed," then I&#039;m going to turn you over to most any ASP tutorial book.<BR><BR>

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