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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default Set textbox visibility

    Hi all,<BR><BR>How do I set the visibility of a textbox to hidden..I&#039;ve tried the below but it doesn&#039;t werks.<BR><BR>1)"hidden";<BR><BR>2 )"VISIBILITY:hidden";<BR><BR>P ls help...thks...:)

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    Dan Evans Guest

    Default RE: Set textbox visibility"hidden";<BR><BR>A ssuming that your text field/area is in a form called bidForm that should work fine in IE. If you&#039;re using Netscape instead, try using...<BR><BR>document.bidForm.txtbox.visibility = "hide";<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure about in Netscape 6 though. I think the IE code should work for it but I wouldn&#039;t bet on it :o(<BR><BR>-Dan Evans

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