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    Default random generation of records

    i want to gaenarate records randomly from databse but one at atime and when user cliks on a button then second record should appearon the page and so on.how can i do this in ASP?

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    Default everyone wants random #'s

    check this out:<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/102999-1.shtml<BR>basically, all you need is a table with the pk or id as a known range of numbers. then use the rnd() function to generate a random number and use that number to retrieve a record in the table with the matching pk or id. make sense? since random numbers is all the rage right now, you can check out any asp site and you&#039;re almost guaranteed some script samples. i hope its ok for me to recommend another site, b/c you should check out the latest puzzle at asp101.com. there you should find all you&#039;d ever want to know about random numbers.<BR>enjoy<BR>justin

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    Default And nobody knows how to SEARCH!

    Search 4Guys *or* the ASPFAQs and get hits.<BR>Just searching for "Random" I got:<BR>-- 58 hits on 4Guys<BR>-- 6 hits in the ASPFAQs.<BR><BR>Search the forums and get more hits than you can handle!<BR>-- 1,106 in the ASP messageboard, including Justin&#039;s!<BR><BR>Now, which one would *I* search first? ASPFAQs. With only 6 hits, if there are any that are relevant you&#039;ll figure it out faster! If there aren&#039;t any relevant ones, then you try the other sources. Hmm???<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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