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    I have completed some simple ASP pages that allow a user to dynamically upload news content to a db and display that content on the main page and sort it using other pages.<BR><BR>I do not have any control over the NT server. The administrator of that server says ASP is enabled. How do I give the asp page the ability to insert into a DB?

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    Default What kind of DB?

    And where is it?<BR><BR>If it is Access and is in the same directory as your ASP page (or in a closely related directory), you could just open it with a DSN-less connection.<BR><BR>That will likely work even without help from the server administrator. <BR><BR>If you *can* get help from the server admin, though, have him/her simply set up a DSN for you and use the DSN. This has the advantage that the DB doesn&#039;t have to be in such an accessible (to hackers) location and can be moved at will so long as the DSN is updated.<BR><BR>

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