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    Hello and thanks in advance. I have not written much ASP.<BR><BR>Q1.<BR>Is there a function out there that will round 154.3456789 to 154.35?<BR><BR>Q2.<BR>What is the scope of a variable such as &#039b&#039? Like in the following line:<BR><BR>b = session.sessionID<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jeff

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    From MSDN:<BR><BR>FormatNumber(Expression [,NumDigitsAfterDecimal [,IncludeLeadingDigit [,UseParensForNegativeNumbers [,GroupDigits]]]])<BR><BR>Returns an expression formatted as a number. <BR><BR>Don&#039t know much about #2 as I tend to stay away from session variables. My limited understanding of session variables indicates:<BR><BR>1. The variable is global in scope, in other words, you can reference it from anywhere within your ASP.<BR>2. The variable will live until specifically destroyed or the browser is closed.<BR>3. The client must have cookies enabled for session variables to work. This is why I don&#039t use them. Well, that and server performance.<BR><BR>On the other hand, they&#039re darn easy to use!<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR><BR>Mike<BR>

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    b&#039s scope is limited to the page on which it was created...<BR><BR>session.sessionid&#039s scope is session-wide...

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