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    Kevin Guest

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    Hi, I want to have a program that is running in the client side either upload a file using http (not ftp or sockets) to a server or tell the server to upload a file.<BR><BR>I have full control over both the server and the client side program, and I would really want to avoid any messages to the clientside user if possible,<BR><BR>Can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks<BR><BR>ps.<BR>I have access to software artisans fileup and other components. I can also buy anything I do not have. thank you.

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    mahi Guest

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    Try The ASPupload component supports this feature.

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    Kevin Guest

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    mahi,<BR><BR>you are a lifesaver, thanks for the link<BR><BR>Xupload together with aspupload seems like just the ticket.<BR><BR>kev

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