Hi,<BR><BR>This is not an ASP question but I guess most of us are using IIS as the web server and many of you probably have the answer.<BR><BR>I am using IIS 5 as the web server and have 3 network cards installed on it, each card have a different IP address. We have a C++ application interacting with the server and have to use the default port 80 on one of the network card. I have set another IP address as our default web site address and point to the default directory wwwroot. Later(very soon), we found that the C++ application was not working properly and then we found out that it was because the web site was occupying the default port 80. I have to reset the default web site address port some arbitray number, e.g.8080, for both the C++ application and the web site to work together.<BR><BR>But having the ":8080" attached to the url looks stupid. Therefore, I have these questions:<BR>1. How come the network cards have separate IP addresses but <BR> a port number seems to be common to or apply to all the 3<BR> network cards?<BR>2. Is there a way to set up the web site to use the default port <BR> 80 as well when another card&#039;s port 80 has been assigned?<BR><BR>I may not asking the right question but I hop you understand the problem, though. Any hints related are welcome.<BR>Many thanks,<BR>Jack