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Thread: Running ASP offline on a CD-rom

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    Yvo ( Guest

    Default Running ASP offline on a CD-rom

    Does anybody has a solution for running a dynamic website offline with ASP code on a CD-rom? So the webserver and ASP engine has to run on the CD-rom without the user having to install anything. THX! Yvo (

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    Default Pretty tough...

    ...and maybe illegal.<BR><BR>After all, to ensure that your user *has* PWS on his/her machine, you probably have to include it on the CD and then auto-install it for him/her. And that means getting a license from Microsoft for redistribution of PWS. I have no idea if they will permit that.<BR><BR>I suppose, in the alternative, you could have your CD&#039;s "setup" automatically logon to the MS site and download PWS if it isn&#039;t already installed. Or maybe tell the user to insert their original Win98 or WinNT CD? <BR><BR>Anyway...<BR><BR>Now you have to somehow "script" the install of PWS, answering all the installation questions (presumably, you don&#039;t want the user making *any* choices). And since PWS install requires a reboot of the machine....<BR><BR>Are you *sure* you want to do this??? Wouldn&#039;t it be easier to simply say that the user *must* have PWS already installed? It should be possible to "auto start" it if it isn&#039;t already running. That would be a couple of orders easier, in any case, than figuring out how to drive an automated install.<BR><BR>

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    Yvo Guest

    Default RE: Pretty tough...

    Am really sure wanna solve this. The problem is that te ASP site already exists and has to be distributed to people without I&#039;net access and who are *not* autorised to install anything on there PC&#039;s. So... maybe you&#039;ve more brainwaves?

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    Default If they can't install PWS...

    ...and PWS is not *already* installed on each machine, then you are hosed.<BR><BR>Sorry about that.<BR><BR>Best I can suggest is to do a "static capture" of the ASP into HTML pages and put the HTML pages on the CD. <BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t work, of course, if the ASP truly *needs* to be dynamic.<BR><BR>What kind of low-level people don&#039;t have *some* kind of network access??? I thought that went out with the dark ages! (You know, around 1993.)<BR><BR>Even if they are just on a LAN, then only one machine on the LAN would need to be able to be the ASP server.<BR><BR>Anyway, if those are truly your requirements, give it up right now before you hurt your head banging it against a wall.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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