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    How do I write info to the data base tables?

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    Get a copy of Wrox Press's "Beginning ASP Databases"

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    Here is an example of the code to write to a table in a database.<BR><BR>mySQL="Insert into tablename (tablefield1, tabelfield2, tablefield3) values (&#039;" & formfield1 & "&#039;, &#039;" & formfield2 & "&#039;, &#039;" & formfield3 & "&#039;)"<BR><BR>Hope that helps. You will have to have pulled the field info from the form prior to this. This is simply the portion that inserts that info into the database. If you&#039;ve already done the bit where you fill in some fields and when you hit submit it brings up a page that showed you what you had entered, you have the form part down and essentially insert this into your code after the display portion. Then it shows the user what they entered AND puts it into the table.

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