Help!<BR>I am not familiar with how to use MS Office application automation on the server. there is a bug in this code that is <BR>giving me fits. Does anyone know the problem with the indicated line? How about a book on<BR>MS Office Automation Server. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR><BR>ASP ERROR------------------&#062; The requested member of the collection does not exist.<BR><BR>CODE SNIPPET<BR> &#039;-- Launch Word and put a ref to it in an app object<BR> dim wdApp<BR> set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")<BR> &#039;-- Ensure the Report add-in is installed<BR><BR>LINE THAT CAUSES THE ERROR IS NEXT<BR><BR>-------&#062; wdApp.AddIns(installpath & "Office").Installed = True<BR><BR><BR> set Application("WordApp") = wdApp <BR> &#039;-- Release reference.<BR> set wdApp = nothing<BR><BR><BR>