How do you view currently executing ASP Pages?

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Thread: How do you view currently executing ASP Pages?

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    Default How do you view currently executing ASP Pages?

    Is there any way to see what ASP pages are executing on a server at a given point in time? I've looked at Performance Monitor and the IIS Resource Kit but I haven't found anything. The only thing I can think of is to create ISAPI Filter(s) that would add to/remove from a list as requests come in. I am hoping there is some easier way. I have a site with hundreds of different pages and I'd like to be able to see what pages are running or queued to run during resource peaks.

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    Default Use Application array?

    As the page starts, it increments a counter and as it ends it decrements it?<BR><BR>But, you know, no matter HOW many users you have, only a limited number (10?) of pages actually execute "simultaneously"...basically, one per ASP thread. So it depends on how many threads ASP is using.<BR><BR>Or do you want to count a page as "executing" simply because a user requested it but has not yet requested another one...even though it might take the user 20 minutes to do so and the first page is "executing" that entire time?<BR><BR>Queued to run is tougher. I think you would need an ISAPI filter, at a minimum.<BR><BR>Not to ask silly questions, but...<BR><BR>Why not just do an occasional post-mortem on the log file? Or do you really *need* real-time stats?<BR><BR><BR>

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