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    Default dynamic template with linux chilisoft

    I need to select the proper template (from a database) based on a querystring on every single page.<BR><BR>I am planning to do this:<BR><BR>Each page has an include for top/bottom.asp <BR><BR>Top include will detect if it is default template (most used) and do an include statement for it. If not, it will open up a database and spit out the proper one. Grab the bottom template and define it as mybottom, and when it reaches bottom.asp do &#060;%= mybottom %&#062;<BR><BR>I was wondering if on top.asp I should use a component or just hardcode - I think a component would be better since this site will be very heavy traffic. However, this ver of chilisoft does not support vb components, so I am lost. What should I learn to do in order to do this efficiently (url would be appreciated as well). And I realize linux chili is not a good idea for asp, but 1/3 way into development, no choice.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>- Leo M

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    Default what about a Java component?

    ...and then use the ChiliBean? Please don&#039;t tell me you are on a host who won&#039;t let you use ChiliBean!<BR><BR>But how many templates do you have??? And what is their total size?<BR><BR>What about just storing them all in an Application array and then choosing the right one from there? This would be tons faster than using a database, no matter whether you use a component or not! (You can get them all out of the DB on Application_onStart if you wish, of course.)<BR><BR>But you can email me off line if you wish: billw@chilisoft.com<BR><BR><BR>

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