Okay, let&#039;s just start from the beginning on my current problem. We&#039;re running our Netfinity external box on NT Server 4.0. Our boss brings in this guy to "update" the security. In the process he disables our electronic firewall (luckily he left our actual hardware firewall alone) and installed the latest service packs to iis four. he updated the mdac and the log files. he finishes his install and walks away.<BR><BR>bam! all iis functions stop when a person goes to ftp, they cannot be started without a reboot. okay, we start to fix that problem, we run into another problem, the service packs for sql server disable the security for some reason. so now our dsn doesn&#039;t recognize the certain user names and passwords. the only way to get iis back up and running, and the ftp back up in running was to downgrade from service pack 6a to option pack 4. <BR><BR>ftp is working again, but now the server will not serve up active server pages. it works with our cold fusion applications, but not with the asp applications. it says this...<BR><BR>--ActiveX component can&#039;t create object---<BR><BR>please help, i&#039;m tired of sitting up all night trying to fix this guys mistakes!!!