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    I have a question about client-server based applications and ASP Session level variables. The problem I am having is as follows.<BR>I am trying to write an application where 2 users are trying to add a record to a table where the primary key that they are trying to write to the table is study_no_date.<BR><BR>I am using Oracle in the backend and VBScript on the client-side. The question I have is that can one user change the Session Level Variables of the other. To my knowledge, I thought that they cannot, and that is why they are called Session variables. <BR><BR>What is happening is that I have a WriteToDatabase routine that writes my screen information to the database. Within this routine, a user can write information to an existing record or they can add a record to a table. I capture the state of the type of change by a variable called Session("Edit_Mode"). If this variable is equal to 1, a user is trying to edit information to a record that already exists. If it is equal to 2, then they are trying to add a record to the table. The problem I am having is when I try to setup my application with more than one user. Let me explain this more precisely.<BR><BR>&#060;% Sub WriteToDatabase <BR><BR><BR>&#039The problem I am having is that when the first user attempts<BR>&#039two write a record, they can do so and THE SESSION &#039("EDIT_MODE") is equal to 2 and they add a record. <BR>&#039 However, when a second user tries to add a number, their &#039Session("Edit_Mode") is equal to 1 even though the ASP page or &#039code information is identical. <BR><BR>&#039I essentially have two programs, and in each of them I create &#039the same number on the screen. The first one has a Session&#039("edit_Mode") = 2 as is seen from the following line. I &#039do set it equal to 1 after the update. With my other user(i.e. &#039Browser), I then call the same routine -- the value of the &#039Session("Edit_Mode") is equal to 1 <BR><BR>Response.Write Session("Edit_Mode") <BR>If Session("Edit_Mode") = 2 then &#039ADD Record<BR><BR>End If <BR><BR>If Session("Edit_Mode") = 1 then &#039Edit Record<BR><BR>End If <BR>End Sub<BR>%&#062;

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    session variables belong to the session. the value of user #1&#039s session variable has no effect on the value of user #2&#039s.<BR><BR>perhaps you&#039re thinking of application variables...

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