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    clara Guest

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    Hi,<BR>Can somebody help me with the following case,<BR><BR>I need to get form variables from an asp page and check if the user has entered all the fields.Now i need to do this check on another asp page. if the user has missed out some fields, the user should be redirected to the first asp page. but i want the asp page to have first time entered field values in the form .<BR>How do i do this?<BR>Thanks,

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    Clara Guest

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    Hi,<BR>Most of the form fields are radio buttons and drop down boxes?<BR>How do I maintain the user entered values on return by redirect again?

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    You don't Guest

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    You can&#039t do that exept collecting them into session variables, and that sucks, what you should do is to use client side javascript to do Form Validation ..

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    there are multiple ways of passing such information from one page to another (and another and another)... i.e. hidden form fields, querystring, dictionary object...<BR><BR>i prefer server-side validation, personally... no annoying msg boxes... the only time i use session variables with server-side validation is when one of the form fields is a large textarea...<BR><BR>from what i&#039ve seen, more professionally built websites stay away from client-side validation...

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    I think a main reason client-side validation is avoided is this: someone could swipe your page source, remove the validation code, put it on their own server, and submit garbage to your site. Unless the original site is checking to make sure the submission came from a specific URL, that&#039s an issue.<BR><BR>Mike

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