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    Chris Cotterill Guest

    Default ASP & Title Tag Searching

    I have a search page at I would like to add a search option so that I can search the Title of each file (from the TITLE tag of course). Can anyone tell me how to do this?<BR><BR>CWC

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    John Harvey Guest

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    I would open the files as a text stream. Because the &#060;title> tag is most likley near the beginning, I&#039d readline until I met a condition such as this:<BR><BR>Position = InStr(1, LCase (TextSream), "title")<BR>If Position > 0 Then<BR> Title = ""<BR> Position = Position + 1 &#039hop over the closing ">" from title tag<BR> Do While Mid (TextStream, Position + 1, 1) &#060;> "&#060;"<BR> Title = Title & Mid (TextStream, Position, 1)<BR> Position = Position + 1 <BR> Loop<BR>End If<BR>Good Luck,<BR>John

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