Hi!<BR><BR>At work we&#039;ll be creating a new website soon, and I&#039;m looking for some sort of ASP/SQL website "framework", something like a freely available collection of ASP code, documentation and SQL datastructure that creates a basic database-driven website. Any links/recommendations/info would be much appreciated!<BR><BR>Background:<BR>We have programming knowledge in-house, but all the &#039;real&#039; programmers are on other assignments, so it&#039;s left for me as very junior developer to create the new site, and learn something in the process. Finding solutions for the individual tasks is not a problem, but how to organise the "big picture" is somthing I have no clue about... ;)<BR><BR>The website must:<BR>- have identical content & look across at least 2 languages, likely more to come.<BR>- have a access-restricted area with various tech info for partners.<BR>- be searchable<BR>- have some way of adding content that isn&#039;t more technical than a superuser could be taught how to do it.<BR><BR>Now I don&#039;t suppose the free "framework" I&#039;m looking for will do all of the above, I&#039;ll add what we require, and most likely contribute my/our code back.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? ;)<BR><BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR><BR>Jesper Mortensen