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    I need to do an Email Application(both sending and receiving mails). Can anyone of u help me that which component is best for receiving mails.I used CDONTS for sending mails. It's not working for receiving mails.

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    --&#062;I used CDONTS for sending mails.<BR>You are sending mail via your code.<BR><BR>--&#062;It&#039;s not working for receiving mails.<BR>Do you want to receive mail via a &#060;form&#062;...&#060;/form&#062; that needs to be filled by the user on your web site?<BR><BR>If that is the case the let the user fill that &#060;form&#062;...&#060;/form&#062;<BR>Then take the values and send an email to yourself. <BR>You will now be sending and receiving email.<BR><BR>You said that --&#062;I used CDONTS for sending mails.&#060;-- So I assume it works.<BR><BR>

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