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    Hi there...would anyone know how i would go about inbedding a web font (indian font) into a web page. I want the browser to use the font on the server to display it to the users without them needing the font on there system. Here is some code i found but i can&#039;t get it to work :<BR><BR>&#060;STYLE<BR>TYPE="text/css"&#062;<BR> @font-face { font-family: "MillenniumPooja"; src:url(http://test.co.uk/TEST) format(TrueDoc) }<BR> P { font-family: "MillenniumPooja" }<BR>&#060;/STYLE<BR>&#062;<BR><BR>Please nay help would be appreciated!<BR>

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    There is a prog that convert a normal police into an embedded font, if you want it, I still have the link somewhere but it&#039;s limited in use

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