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    I want to edit the contents of the buffer before sending it the the browser.<BR><BR>Eg. <BR>Response.Buffer=True<BR>Response.Write("****") <BR>Response.Buffer = Replace(Response.Buffer,"****","****") &#060; returns errors<BR><BR>Response.End<BR>

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    When you say Response.Buffer , buffer is a property of Response object and not a method or anything else . The purpose of writing <BR>Response.Buffer = True is that the html would not be delivered to the client till the last line of script is executed in the page . This allows you to have a flexibilty of "buffering" all the contents of the page and then finally pushing it to the client . By default the buffer is false , that means the server keeps delivering the goods to the client as it executes the code in a page . <BR>There is nothing like changing the buffer content , I guess . <BR>You need to change the script being submitted in order to reflect any changes . <BR>I hope this clears your confusion .<BR>

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