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    Hello,<BR><BR>I have a problem with downloading files.<BR>Normally to download you specify &#060;A href="http://myServer/myFolder/myFile.ext"&#062;Download&#060;/A&#062;<BR>This works fine for zip, exe, ... files.<BR>But when a doc or pdf file is specified, iexplorer uses the plug in to open the file in iexplorer.<BR>Is there a solution to prevent this automatic opening and to download the file to computer.<BR><BR>One solution: Zip the files (pdf) and use the zip.<BR>But this is not ideal for me.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Dirk

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    there is two way to resolve you problem <BR>1.change the extend name of the file <BR>exp.<BR> word.doc--&#062;word.word<BR>2.modify win regist and delete the mimitype of the download file type

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