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    Can you please help me in writing a query to check for Profanity?<BR>all the eamils sent by the email of an organisation are recorded in a Database.<BR>I need a query to sort the messages and find the message with maximum Profanity.<BR>

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    The problem is that if you can define profanity in actual terms then by all means search for it....<BR>One country&#039;s curse is anothers complement ( ok not strictly true but... )

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    Default Not viable in ASP...

    Actually, it is problematical in any system.<BR><BR>For example, somebody writes "Hello". Will you find "Hell" in that and assume it is profanity?<BR><BR>And people can *ALWAYS* get around anything you put in place! Akhilesh, in this forum, uses "fricking" and if anybody has any doubts as to what he is really saying then they are too naive to believe.<BR><BR>ANYWAY...<BR><BR>If you are still insistent on doing this pointless and (I think) fruitless task...<BR><BR>You need (1) a good in-memory dictionary, (2) a good regular-expression parser, (3) to write the code in a high-performance language (C++ comes to mind, but Java--*not* JavaScript--might do), and (4) don&#039;t even think about integrating it into ASP. Run it as a background process so that if the server gets loaded down with other things it can relinquish server time and memory to more important tasks.<BR><BR>And this is *NOT* a trivial coding task, if you want something that is worth bothering with. Remember all the flap about the porn-site filters that wouldn&#039;t let people view sites dealing with breast cancer? The point: sometimes words *in context* don&#039;t mean what they do when taken out of context. <BR><BR>Have fun. This will keep you busy for a couple of months, at least.<BR><BR>

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    Thanx but i prefer using mimesweeper.....<BR>regards<BR>ami

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