Ok, here&#039;s the situation...<BR><BR>I have a BINARY data file that saves proprietary graph data. I run an application that parces the file and does some calculation on it and then saves the calced values into a DB for graphing on the web. I wish to save the original file with the DB record so that when I make adjustments to the calced data and make a mistake I can restore it. I do not wish to store it as a file.<BR><BR>[Upload Part]<BR>1. Parent Application looks to see if a file exists. When it doesn&#039;t, it pops open a new window asking for the BINARY to upload. After uploading tell parent window to refresh and then close child window.<BR><BR>2. Parent window after refresh sees the file now exists and prompts for a "Title" so that it may create a record in DB and then save the "Title", the "BINARY", and the "calced data" from BINARY.<BR><BR>[Download Part]<BR>3. If at any time I need to restore the file I wish to be able to export from the DB the BINARY to a file at either the Server or the Client.<BR><BR><BR>Most examples I have found refer to using a &#060;form&#062;&#060;/form&#062; for getting the file into a DB. However because I am separating the upload from the DB record editor I need to be able to get the file from the server without using 2 upload forms. <BR><BR>Thanx in advance..<BR>joegarber@dynorun.com