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    My banks page has this, and I need it for an application I am making in ASP.<BR><BR>Here is the scenario:<BR><BR>A student comes to a login page, and sees a &#060;select&#062; box that he chooses his teacher from.<BR><BR>I want another &#060;select&#062; box to fill in with the courses that the <BR>teacher teaches, so the student only has to go through one form instead of two (actually three, because after he/she chooses Teacher and Course the student has to sign in).<BR><BR>I am pretty sure it is Javascript, so if someone could just point me in the right direction of where to look.<BR>All I really need is a URL to a Java-help page and whatever the name is of what I want. Or you could copy and paste the code :) Whatever behooves you.<BR><BR>Much Thanks :) :) :)

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    Default Two solutions...

    Let JS do the bulk of the work.<BR><BR> has at least one way of doing this. Look for "dynamic list" there.<BR><BR>The other way: 100% ASP. It means a roundtrip to the server after the first SELECT is used, but it&#039;s simpler than the JS solution.<BR><BR>And I have a demo of that way at ... look for the "categories" demo.<BR><BR>

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    Thank you so much for your promptness!! I decided to go with the code on that example page you gave me. It really helped. I truly appreciate your help...a lot...thanks!

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