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    I have a problem with using Request in JScript<BR><BR>I am using <BR>Request("RepName")<BR>what does JScript return if RepName does not exist ?<BR>( they say it is EMPTY for VBScript )<BR>Or How do I find if RepName exists in the QueryString list or<BR>Form list ?<BR><BR>thank is advance<BR>

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    Regarding JScript, I&#039m not sure. If I had to venture a guess, it&#039s probably null (test with isNull?).<BR><BR>"Request" will have whatever collection was sent to it from the form filled. This means if you set your &#060;form method="get"&#062;, you will have the QueryString collection filled. If you use &#060;form method="post"&#062;, the Form collection will be filled. <BR><BR>You&#039ll also notice that the get/QueryString way gives you your variables in the URL bar. <BR><BR>HTH

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