I am creating excel spreadsheets using the Office Web components. Everything works fine for most recordsets, but I am having some problems with a few of them. The following is one of the select statements that is causing me problems.<BR><BR>SELECT Facility.*, Cafeteria.SeparateCoffeeShop, Cafeteria.FoodCourtStyle FROM Facility INNER JOIN Cafeteria ON Facility.FacilityID = Cafeteria.FacilityID<BR><BR>If I send the results of this select statement as the recordset the excel spreadsheet is blank. I am positive is does retuen a record because I display the results in a table before sending it to the Excel spreadsheet. Let&#039;s say that I change the join type to a left join it works fine. Inner Join or Right join return a blank spreadsheet.<BR><BR>If I perform the following query with a couple of Inner Joins, it works fine.<BR><BR>SELECT Facility.*, Trayline.TypeofTrayline, Trayline.NumberofTraylines, TraylineAttribute.Attribute FROM (Facility INNER JOIN Trayline ON Facility.FacilityID = Trayline.FacilityID) INNER JOIN (TraylineAttribute INNER JOIN TraylineJoin ON TraylineAttribute.TraylineAttributeId = TraylineJoin.TraylineAttributeID) ON Trayline.TraylineID = TraylineJoin.TraylineID<BR><BR>Does anybody have any ideas what could be wrong? Any input is appreciated?