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Thread: including a webpage into an asp-file

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    michel c Guest

    Default including a webpage into an asp-file

    Hi,<BR><BR>Is it possible to include a webpage in an asp-file, (I don&#039t mean a local file but a page, like adding into your page (so you can add a little banner, or something))???<BR><BR>

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    There is no easy way that I know of. You want to just add a banner to someones page by accessing through a URL correct? I think you would need the page source for that. There may be a way to fetch the html source, but I am not sure of that one either. You can always duplicate it by grabing the html source and duplicating it in your asp page.

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Source Hijacking

    Source for web pages can be acquired through standard Perl libraries (poke around for PerlScript, it&#039s been months since I looked at it) or by a component like ASP HTTP (<BR><BR>Warning -- 1) it can be slow and 2) if your target changes their page layout even slightly, you may find yourself rewriting your code. Then there&#039s 3) Copyright issues, but you should have thought of that by now...

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