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    OK, <BR>I have a few questions...Anyone who can shed some light on the following subjects, please feel free :)<BR><BR>I have a website that connects to about 10 different databases (because we have to pass the db&#039;s out to different groups). So we create DNS-less connection in the global.asa using sessions. Here is my question...Say for each DB in the global.asa there is 5 sessions, so thats 50 sessions. My question, is for everytime 1 user hits the site, will the server create 50 sessions or will it create 50 sessions only once? <BR><BR>Also, if I have a folder inside another ASP folder , I have another global.asa file. Will this file only effect this folder or will it effect ALL asp files (in the previous folders)?<BR><BR>Thank you very much...

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    I really really really advise against this. Storing objects in your session variables is an extremely bad idea... And for the answer, as long as the the server gets another request from that same user within the default time(20 minutes) the objects will stay in memory for at least that long. Or however long it takes the server to clean them up after the session ends.

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