Hi,<BR><BR>When connecting to an Oracle database, using IIS 4, Service pack 5, the ASP service hangs. This happens when I receive an eror message, for example the 80040e21. I can browse asp pages, the server hangs when I hit a page that generates an error message. It seems as though when an error message is generated the connection to Oracle is not released and it hangs. I am using SQL Server and Access as well and this problem is not happening with those databases even when a page encounters an error message. I&#039ve closed the recordsets and connections explicitly and set them to nothing. I have tried to stop the WWW service using DOS but it won&#039t let me stop the service. When opening task manager on the server, the CPU is working at capacity. The only thing that will work is a reboot which I don&#039t want to do.<BR><BR>I followed all of the threads on this and have attempted all of the solutions. If anyone has some light that they can shed on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!