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    Ernesto Funes Guest

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    I have a problem with an ASP I&#039m testing. It executes real slow,<BR>and the cause can&#039t be the Server Load, because I&#039m the only one who uses that server, or the connection speed, because the server is in the same LAN my computer is.<BR><BR>My ASP has around 120 server variables. These variables only contain three digits. I need to keep these variables as the user goes from one page to another. Maybe this is the reason for the slowdown, or maybe it has to do with the ISS configuration, I don&#039t know.<BR><BR>If anyone has any hint, please tell me. Thanks in advance,<BR><BR> Ernesto.

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    The most obvious things to look for would be any large loops that you might have in your code, plus 120 varibles is alot. But as you sai with just you it should be fine, check your code again, look for any large loops.<BR><BR>Pete

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    Ernesto Funes Guest

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    There ain&#039t a single loop in my code, and all of the ASP take more or less the same time to execute, from 7 to 10 seconds. So<BR>I don&#039t think it has anything to do with loops.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR> Ernesto Funes<BR>

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    Carl Brothers Guest

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    I have read and also adopted the tactic of using OPTION EXPLICIT and declaring all variables before using them. If you are storing these variables in an array, and rediming it more than once, then that could be another possible chokepoint..<BR><BR>Carl

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