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    I&#039;m looking for ways to move through a recordset and display the<BR>various records. I&#039;m trying to stay away from Visual Interdev controls for now. If I&#039;ve got text boxes associated with database fields I can pull up the initial record.<BR>What is the best method to perform DB navigation (next, prior, first, last)? I really want to put my own buttons at the bottom of the page. Can I link the button to the same page but just pass<BR>the literal "next" and incorporate this into the SQL statement or<BR>should I build a next page, a first page etc...?? Thanks

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    Default ASPFAQ!


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    I&#039;ve been looking through the FAQ&#039;s for an hour before I sent the first message and I&#039;m not seeing it. Do you know of a specific article? Thanks

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