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    I have several tables that will comprise a query that I am running to display information via ASP. After I display the info I want to have a caption that reads "Last Updated". If any of the information in the tables is changed for some reason, I want to display the latest date. Would I have to create an "update" field in all of my tables for this to work?

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    DATABASE TRIGGERS, they are there in SQLServer and Oracle.may be in others as well.u need to write one such trigger which fires when someone does anything to the tables.<BR><BR>

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    Depeds on which database you are using. If it is RDBMS like<BR>DB2, Oracle, SQL Sever, etc.., there are some system tables available to read where you can get the information about the table updates. You need to contact your database administrator to know the name of the system table where you can find this information.

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