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    Hi,<BR><BR>I need to build a page which will show client data <BR>(2 graphs,1 data exercise, 2 reports, ) without using Frame in the page. Graph and Report are generate from StoreProc on the SQL Server. The prob is :<BR><BR>The exercice part need to be between graphs and report, the exerice is asking for a number when the client submit the number it&#039;s need to generate the update data (only for the exercice part), how can I create a "dynamic part or a dynamic &#060;table&#062;" between theses graph and report. I mean, I can&#039;t refresh the page (because it&#039;ll re-call the StoreProc (long time to load)... <BR><BR>Is &#060;DIV&#062; tag would help me? ( I haven&#039;t use DIV tag yet (is it hard to understand? ) If a DIV part of a page can be "Refresh" without refreshing the whole page, that would be nice...&#060;TABLE&#062; could do the job to?<BR><BR>Well, I&#039;m looking to find a way to display a page having graph/report generate from database, and a exercise which is showing data that can be different (new line of data (&#060;tr&#062;)) on every number submit by the client. (all that in the same .asp page )<BR><BR>Thanks a lot for your help<BR><BR>Richard

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    Default <div>is not

    going to help only hides/unhides something that already exists.u cann&#039;t put dynamic content in a &#060;div&#062; without page refresh.People are talking about something called"remote scripting" that allows u to get dynamic results without a for it on asp sites.

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    Default And RS is NOT good... IMHO...


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