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    sergio Guest

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    hi,<BR>i use SQL server to manage my DataBases and the following line works for me to check if whoever is entering the ASP page is actually in the DataBase:<BR><BR>"SELECT logid FROM dbase " & "WHERE logid = &#039;" & Request("user_log") & "&#039;"<BR><BR>it works fine, but it does nor differ the big letters from small. i mean like if you enter: paul or PaUl or PAuL, it would not matter it would still find it if its in the database.<BR><BR>can somebody please tell me how to make it differ big letters from small while working with SQL databases?<BR>

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    Aquarius Guest

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    This is a sort order question. The sort order defined in the server affect both sorting and comparisons, and changing it is, er, non-trivial, since it&#039;s a server-wide configuration setting. Look up "sort order" in Books Online, specifically the entries "case-insensitive" and "modifying".<BR><BR>You could differentiate upper from lower case in the ASP page itself -- select back all case variants of your query ("paul", "pAuL", "PAUL") and then check between them in the ASP page, which is able to do case-sensitive querying.<BR><BR>Aq.<BR>

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