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    Stof Guest

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    How Can I show a messagebox in an asp-page, using vbscript?<BR>Here&#039;s my code, but doesn&#039;t work :<BR><BR>If (strLoginID &#060;&#062; "wvdbrand22" and strLoginID &#060;&#062; "fmallant") then<BR> Dim myVar<BR> myVar = Msgbox ("test", 65, "test")<BR> Response.Redirect ("")<BR> End If<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    You can&#039;t use a msgbox in server side scripting (as it would display on your server NOT in the browser).<BR><BR>You have 2 choices:<BR><BR>1) call the msgbox in Client side scripting.<BR>2) Use Response.Write to display a message in the browser.

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    Gary Joyce Guest

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    How do you call the msgbox function client side? I am having trouble with the function which is in an include file.

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