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    Martin Petersson Guest

    Default Please help...

    Is it possible to terminate a session when the user closes the browser?<BR><BR>TAI!!<BR>/Martin

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    Al Bear Guest

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    When the broswer is closed the sessions are also terminated. <BR>you can use session.abandon to remove all values from your session varables.m

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    Martin Petersson Guest

    Default I need more help... ;)

    That is only when all browsers are closed. I whant the session to be terminated even when the user just leaves the site or closes the browser viewing it (even if there are still one or more browser windows left open).<BR><BR>TIA!<BR>/Martin

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default all I can think of.

    All I can think of is ether have a log out button which uses the session.abandon method or change the session time out time down to 5 or 10 mins.

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    Rana Hossain Guest

    Default RE: all I can think of.

    idea: put the whole site into a frame, and use bosy onunload or onchange to trigger a logout.asp file which would abandon it, and perhaps also close it.

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