Ok today I was faced with a Java Online currency-trading program to code. All is fine but one problem. The company who we are doing this for is guessing by the end of the year to reach 1,000,000 users making 80K plus transactions each hour. Keep in mind that’s about 15 transactions per user per hour. That’s the average from what we were told. I am guessing this guy has put a lot of research in on this.<BR><BR>We are going with a Himalaya server. For all of you that have not herd of a Himalaya server they are around 1.9 million for the server but they support hot swapping processors ect Any suggestions on anything else?<BR><BR>Ok to my main point, my boss thinks that MS SQL is good enough but I think we should run Oracle. Keep in mind I don’t want to go back and edit code to just switch databases and then code a program to transfer the data in one database to another.<BR><BR>So what database should I go?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rich