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    I want to develop a site to host around 1,500 - 2,000 articles. Articles would be updated and new articles posted by non-HTML savvy users. It seems clear to me that SQL Server/ASP is the way to go.<BR><BR>My question is: what is the best way to allow some minimal HTML formatting for these non-HTML savvy users. Do we suggest some type of WYSIWYG HTML editor and train them to cut and paste HTML code into an input form (The input form would post these changes to the database)? Any other suggestions? What are others out there doing?<BR>

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    hi ThePol,<BR>I have a similar problem and I found a solution on they use something like an developed scipt, after downloading all the scripts it was unpossible for me to check how that works, all i understood, was that they use a microsoft component "ieedit" from but i found nothing. do you have any idea or found an editor<BR>have fun - sabine<BR>

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