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    Hope I can get some advice here. I&#039;ve built my site using Access 97 but I will upgrade to SQLserver before the site is launched. There is one table that bothers me, because it&#039;s got well over 1000 rows in it. The table is filtered with an AccessQuery, which then is filtered with another query in an ASP-document (the sql is so advanced that i didn&#039;t know how else to do it). <BR><BR>Here are my Questions:<BR>1) Can I keep the model with one Access-query and then another SQL-query in a document or is it a bad idea? I have a feeling it is but I don&#039;t know how else to do it, any ideas?<BR><BR>2) WHat happens with Access-querys when upgrading to SQLserver? <BR><BR>3) Can I have a table with over 1000 rows or is that to much?<BR><BR>Hope I can get some help from someone who is more experienced... Thanks!<BR>

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    Well there are a few changes that i know<BR><BR>well i cant really tell you abotu your questio one cause i dont really kno what you are talking about. <BR><BR>dates have to have # in access but &#039; in MS SQL<BR>and you cannot use date but getdate() maybe a few more but i have never coded with Access for real unless i am reying somethign....but now i dont even do that<BR><BR>as the the number of rows (1000) is absolutly NOTHING for MS SQL<BR><BR>

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    Now is probably the best time to rewrite the query. Why not post it and we can take a look at it? No use going into something new with a non-efficient query.<BR><BR>1. You could, but why would you?<BR>2. don&#039;t use the queries... write stored procedures<BR>3. 1000 is fine. Some of our tables have several million rows

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