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    Jon Nelson Guest

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    ok ... i can grab the NT username and password, but how can i run a check to see if user john doe belongs to a certain group. <BR><BR>my ultimate goal is if someone logs in and they belong to a certain user group that a drop down menu becomes active (far fetched i&#039;m sure) but what i think i will have to do is just redirect to a separate page ... any help would be great !

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    Aquarius Guest

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    There&#039;s an example of getting the logged in user&#039;s NT user group at, which might well be useful to you.<BR><BR>Aq.<BR>

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    Jon Nelson Guest

    Default Thanks Aquarius

    Thanks for the help ... Works like a charm ...

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    Aquarius Guest

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    No problem -- in all good conscience, I must confess that I couldn&#039;t remember how to do it off the top of my head, so I had to go searching. If the search engines at a few of the top ASP sites (4Guys, 15seconds, etc) don&#039;t find something then Google is your friend as regards this sort of thing: searching Google for "asp get nt user group" found the article at 15 seconds.<BR><BR>Aq -- no memory apart from search engine URLs<BR>

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