In access, you were able to do an update statement based off of another table. Some reason mysql does not support this. Any alternatives (outside of temp table, replacing them one by one..)?<BR><BR>The original was:<BR>UPDATE tblPlayers, tblTemp SET tblPlayers.Flags = [tblTemp]![SumOfFlags], tblPlayers.Kills = [tblTemp]![SumOfKills], tblPlayers.Deaths = [tblTemp]![SumOfDeaths], tblPlayers.HillTime = [tblTemp]![SumOfHillTime], tblPlayers.Points = [tblTemp]![SumOfPoints], tblPlayers.Saves = [tblTemp]![SumOfSaves] <BR><BR>Scope: Each player in an event plays several maps, tblPlayerMaps, getting scores for that map. They are identified in tblPlayers, linked by PlayerID. Have sums of fields in tblPlayerMaps moved into tblPlayers by ID. Before I had a 2 step process - create tblTemp of sums for each PlayerID, then do above code. Any idea now?<BR><BR>Dealing with a vast amount of records so optimization is a must on this one :(<BR><BR>Thanks for any thoughts on this (limitation?),<BR><BR>- Leo M