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    Hi there,<BR><BR>Sorry to bother you, I have a feeling this is a really daft question which will instantly have an obvious answer, the minute someone explains it to me... :)<BR><BR>I have recently been passed an ASP driven web site to maintain and redevelop and being more experienced with Perl/Linux than ASP/IIS on NT was immediately worried by the fact that this site contains ASP code within the html/document directory. This means that this html directory has to be given script execution permission. The ASP code also write to this documents directory (creating other HTML files in the same directory).<BR><BR>If you write CGI with Perl, you&#039;d normally put all of the Perl in a CGI directory so that you can secure other areas of the site so they are read-only and put particular restrictions on the CGI directory itself. It would also make more sense to have a &#039;data&#039; directory perhaps if any writing to the server had to be done.<BR><BR>Ideally, how would my web site be structured so that I can use ASPs safely? Is it safe to have the ASPs in the documents area of the web server? Perhaps I am being paranoid? Any answers/suggestions would be gratefully received.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time.<BR><BR><BR>K Howie

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    You&#039;re overly worried. You don&#039;t have to tie down ASP, per se. You have to tie down IIS. Make sure you have at least SP 6A to close some of the security holes.<BR><BR>Then, just code away.

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